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Does This Sound Like You?
You’ve Purchased Dozens of Marketing Courses,
All The Must-Have Software and
Even Have a Great Idea For a Website…
But You Still Haven’t Done Anything!

Here’s The Good News:
I Can Fix That For You

I feel your pain. A head full of ideas and good intentions…but little to no action on any of it. Ever.
Actually, I know this pain a lot more than you might think. That’s because for the better part of my life people called me a dreamer, unfocused and my personal favorite, a loser. And this “encouragement” wasn’t coming from strangers, but from family and friends.
People called me these things because I was a world-class procrastinator. I always had big plans, but never followed through. I had stacks of to-do lists that were left untouched. I had partially built websites that I ignored until the domains expired. And I had loads of ideas that never went any further than my head (until someone else would make a killing with the same idea and I’d kick myself – for example, betcha didn’t know that roller blades were my idea).
Today, things couldn’t be any more different. At Web Video University, I create and market an average of 8 new products a year. That’s on top of running 24 other websites, each with their own content and product needs. Along with producing videos for clients. Along with building websites for clients. Along with managing websites for clients. Along with doing business consulting for clients. Along with producing training for my private membership group. Plus doing daily, one-on-one coaching calls with clients. Plus dealing with all the other stuff that goes into running a business. Plus having a personal life. Plus…you get the idea.

Dave Kaminski – The Art Of Being Prolific Free Download