[GROUP BUY] Sam English – Marketing Unleashed For Facebook & Instagram

Module 1 – Your Facebook and Instagram Ads

Determining Your Offer
Understanding the Anatomy of an Ad
Writing Compelling Ad Copy
Creating Clickable Ad Images

Module 2 – Using Ads Manager

Determining Your Goals
Setting Up Low Cost, High Return Ads
Implementing Real-Time ROI Tracking

Module 3 – Your Audience

Defining Your Ideal Customer
Building Your Customer Profile
Laser Targeting Your Ideal Customer on Facebook and Instagram

Module 4 – Creating High Converting Email Collector Forms

Creating Landing Pages That Flat Out Convert
Using Your Existing Email Marketing Tools to Build Your List
Retaining Prospective Customers

Module 5 – The Art of the Follow-up

Build Your Email Nurturing Sequence
Using Email to Build Relationships and Entice Immediate Action
Automating Your Email Campaign

Module 6 – Understanding Reporting

Tracking Your ROI in Real-Time
Setting Goals for Your Marketing Campaigns

Module 7 – Recap & Review!

Your ads are set-up and ready to run! In this module, we make sure everything is working properly.

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[GROUP BUY] Sam English – Marketing Unleashed For Facebook & Instagram