[SUPER HOT SHARE] Michael Levin – Got a Book In You Download

What you know
is probably worth millions…

That is, if you used your knowledge to write a book.
Putting your face on the cover of an outstanding book changes everything.

It’s a whole different level of authority.
If you’re ready to elevate your professional status by writing a book, this course will change your life.
Does this sound like you?

1. Are you an expert in your category?
2. You’ve worked for decades in your field & know how to get results. But you just can’t unlock your “true” value.
3. You love the idea of reaching lots of people at once rather than telling your story to clients one at a time.
4. Would those clients be easier to find & willing to pay you more if they understood how much you know?
5. Do you believe that blogs & podcasts don’t hold the magic of an outstanding book?
6. Do you have questions about where to begin writing a book, what material to put in, or how best to organize it?
7. You like the idea of writing a book, but don’t know where you’d find the time to write.
8. Have you encountered unsavory, predatory companies that offered “publishing, distribution, and book marketing services,” but you didn’t have a good feeling about them?

Michael Levin – Got a Book In You Download

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