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What you’ll learn
Create your own successful YouTube channel
How to create YouTube content
How hack YouTube Algorithm
How to use other videos for own YouTube Channel
Keyword Research for YouTube
How to rank video on search result
How to verify YouTube channel & Youtube Handle Program
How to Edit videos using CAMTASIA video editor
Secret method of monetization channel with in 30 days
How to promote your YouTube videos
Make high quality videos on a budget (free and paid video and audio sources)
How to protect your YouTube channel from hackers
What are the secret to should be know about YouTube
Willingness to learn
Should be have a Laptop or Desktop Computer
Suitable internet connection
Suitable microphone / camera / silence place for recode videos
Basic knowledge about computer operate and English language
YouTube Full Master course (Sinhala medium)Hello there, my dear student. This course is primarily intended to help students earn money on YouTube, and each lesson is delivered in Sinhala. This course covers everything you need to know about YouTubers. Students will be able to make money on their own YouTube channel for 45 days after completing this course.In this course, you will learn the following:About YouTubeHow to Use YouTube (100% Practically)YouTube’s main componentThe need for monetization and the monetization processEvery step on YouTube is described from A to Z.Another unique benefit for students:lifetime personal assistance in achieving success In the YouTube video100% practical training with hands-on experienceStudents enrolled in the “YouTube Master course (Sinhala medium)” course have access to a private Facebook group.This course was designed primarily for people who communicate in Sinhala around the world, and my primary goal is to educate Sri Lankans on how to run successful online businesses. On the other hand, I’m constantly trying to educate myself on the proper ways to work online and how to be successful online.Finally, I’d like to say, “Please take this course carefully and achieve your life goals.”HISTORY OF THE INSTRUCTORI am an expert in online work. I’ve been self-employed for over ten years and would like to share my knowledge with people all over the world. So, in that situation, I wished to teach on Udemy in that manner.Are there any course prerequisites or requirements?Desktop and laptop computersA steady internet connectionBasic computer skills are required.Self-confidenceWho is this course intended for?YouTube newcomerAnyone who has the opportunity to learn about YouTube should take advantage of it.GUARANTEE OF MONEY BACKThis YouTube Master course (Sinhala medium) is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee from Udemy. This isn’t just a guarantee; it’s my personal promise to you that I will go above and beyond to help you succeed, just as I have for thousands of my other students.
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Lecture 2 Motivation Speech
Section 2: Creating a Youtube Channel
Lecture 3 How to Create a Brand new Gmail account
Lecture 4 How to Create a brand new Youtube Channel
Lecture 5 How to design the Channel logo
Lecture 6 How To Design Channel Art
Lecture 7 How To Customize Youtube Channel
Section 3: Creating Social Media Accounts To Promote Your Youtube Channel
Lecture 8 How To Create a Facebook page and Facebook group for a youtube Channel
Lecture 9 How To Create Instagram Account For Youtube Channel
Lecture 10 How To Link Instagram Facebook page & Facebook Group to Youtube Channel
Section 4: YouTube Channel Verification & Customization
Lecture 11 How to verify Your Channel
Lecture 12 Important settings You need to Do On your channel First
Lecture 13 How to Create Killer Channel Description
Section 5: Learn about Screen Recording and Editing Software
Lecture 14 How to Use Camtasia For Screen Recording
Lecture 15 How To Edit Video On Camtasia
Section 6: Basic Important Things About Content Creation
Lecture 16 Important- How to Create Content For Youtube
Lecture 17 How to Do Affiliate Marketing On Youtube
Lecture 18 How to Plane Your Video ( Perfect Video Formula)
Lecture 19 How to Create a Perfect Thumbnail for content
Lecture 20 How to Upload Videos On Youtube
Lecture 21 Youtube Handle
Section 7: SEO Tool
Lecture 22 SEO Tool & Equipment For Youtube
Section 8: Youtube Channel Promotion
Lecture 23 How to Promote Youtube Channel Fast
Lecture 24 How to Grow Your Channel in 10 ways
Section 9: Monitization
Lecture 25 How To apply to Monitization
Find the online job opportunity,Anyone that wants to create their own YouTube channel, who hasn’t done so before and doesn’t have any experience with videos or YouTube,Entrepreneurs who want to build a brand on YouTube and get leads,Find the comfortable lifestyle

Sinhala Medium – Youtube Complete Master Guide

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