[SUPER VIP SHARE] Agency Acquisition Playbook (Cold Email Editions ) – $50k Per Month

Ultimate cold email playbook for SMMA (recommended for agencies below $50k per month as I personally haven’t been able to hit above $50k per month consistently. I teach what I know). This is a concise no-BS guide. What you get:
  1. Before you get started
    • Softwares recommendations
    • Admin set ups
  2. Important expectations to set
  3. Lead generation
    • Scraping
    • Tracking
  4. Script writing
    • Top copy frame works
    • Example of body copy components
    • Cold email swipe file
  5. Follow up etiquette
    • Follow up thinking
    • Delays, sequence length and timing
  6. Replying etiquette
    • How to handle positive replies
    • How to handle negative replies
    • How to handle questions
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